Woven Optical Illusions. An online talk from Stacey Harvey Brown

Weavers have studied visual effects for many years, but Stacey Harvey-Brown has dived deep into the world of optical play. She has found the design nuggets that give the essence of illusionary effect to translate successfully into weaving. Working in collaboration with fellow weaver Katharina Krönig, they have explored illusory contours, invisible colours and shapes, […]

Transforming Nettles into yarn with Brigitte Kaltenbacher

Did you know you can make cordage, yarn & cloth from our local nettles? Stinging nettles have been used as a fibre plant for textiles for over 3000 years in the UK, to make everything from heavy sailcloth to fine table linen up until the 18th century. Nettles are of great interest again, since they […]

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Learn to Spin with Amanda Hannaford

This is one not to miss! The very experienced spinner and highly skilled tutor, Amanda Hannaford is coming to The Loom Shed to teach us how to spin right from the very beginning! So if you’re completely new to spinning, but always wanted to have a go, this workshop is for you. Amanda will start […]

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2-end Colour & Weave Leno with Laura Thomas

We’re looking forward to welcoming Laura Thomas back to The Loom Shed this Autumn. Last year weavers were so enthralled by her 3 end leno workshop, that we’ve asked her back to teach a variation on leno again. If you came last year this will punch your knowledge of the subject further, if you have […]

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Luxurious Felt Wrist Warmers with Belinda Delany

The Loom Shed are happy to be welcoming Belinda Delany back for this felt making workshop.In this winter workshop, you will learn how to make a pair of cosy wrist-warmers, perfect for the winter weather or to give as a Christmas present. We will use wet felting techniques to create our own unique pair of […]

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