A place where you can learn and enjoy a variety of different textile crafts, knitting, crochet, felting, dyeing, stitching, spinning, weaving and anything else you can do with fibre.

A place where you can meet tutors and designers at top of their game. Be inspired, learn new skills, indulge in some ‘me time’, and most importantly feel at home with textile lovers (obsessives…).

We’ve so often found a place that does weaving or spinning or knitting and crochet. We want The Loom Shed to bring it all together. We rarely meet a weaver who doesn’t knit or spin. We’re yet to meet a spinner who doesn’t then make their spun treasure into something else. The Loom Shed is based on the idea of welcoming all things yarn and fibre and the people that love working with them.

Join seminars and hear talks about fibre, dyes, new technologies and textile traditions. There will be regular classes and one off workshops from beginners knitting to natural dye discussion events and everything in between.

Meet local makers and fibre producers at our sale days. Indulge in new fluffy treats and find just the right present for a yarn obsessed friend. Above all, feel welcome and at home. Meet and make friends and find a space to escape the stresses of day to day life.

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From Flax to Spun Gold. Flax Spinning with Amanda Hannaford

September 5

10:00 am

Amanda Hannaford will take you through the whole process, starting with bundles of dry flax straw and ending with long, glossy flax fibres to dress a distaff with and spin. […]

Lace Knitting with Francesca Hughes

September 18

10:00 am

We are delighted that Francesca Hughes will be hosting a lace knitting workshop Lace knitting is a traditional technique of creating delicate, holey fabrics with origins mostly known from Shetland, […]

Wit, verve and a healthy dose of practicality

August 17, 2020