We were delighted that this review that appeared in the April edition of The Knitting & Crochet Guild Bath Branch newsletter.

Behind the Pattern Knit-A-Long with Emma Vining

This year the dark days of winter were enlivened by joining a ‘knit-a-long with a difference’, which had as its focus Emma Vining’s Merrow Berries shawl. Held on four Wednesday evenings between mid-January and early March, these Zoom workshops run by The Loom Shed were a delight.

In each session, Emma took us through different aspects of the design process: the initial inspiration and exploration of pattern, colour choices and stitches; how yarn weight and types of fibre affect stitch patterns; shawl-shaping; and finishing the item.

A generous amount of time was allowed for looking at and discussing the work we were all producing. I found it fascinating to see how different yarns, and even different ways of making a particular stitch, affected the finished result.

The Merrow Berries shawl has three stitch patterns which build on each other, starting at the narrow tip with a wrap stitch. Eyelets are introduced in the second section, and the final section has garter stitch rows between the wrap/eyelet rows. I’ve found it very satisfying to knit and particularly like the second pattern, in which the reverse side looks as beautiful as the front.

Although we all knitted the same pattern, the sessions gave us the knowledge, confidence and encouragement to design shawls for ourselves, so watch this space! But first I have to finish my Merrow Berries shawl …

Pat Witts

Thanks Pat- We are very glad that you enjoyed it so much. You can see more photos on Emma’s website here