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The Loom Shed Textile Graduate Day – Megan Leech and Sven Steinmetz

June 19 @ 11:30 am - 12:30 pm


11.30am Megan Leech

RCA MA Textiles: Woven Textiles.

With an interest in how people exist and interact with the spaces around them, I create work that captures a balance of movement and stillness exploring the beauty of the mundane.

This collection focuses on the kitchen as a space of freedom and liberty where order and chaos meet. I have been exploring the possibilities of limitation viewing the warp and weft as a space that is simultaneously controlled and uncontrolled creating a response to the gestural abstraction movement.


12pm Sven Steinmetz

RCA Fashion / Textile 2021

My work is questioning the division between textile and garment. 

Instead of cutting the pattern out of the textile, I am setting it into the weave. Thereby garment and fabric are created at the same moment. This simultaneous creation demands a new way of coding the pattern; darts and seams transform into other geometric shapes or dissolve completely.