Make a Felt Gift Bag

During this workshop we will create a beautiful small felt gift bag using a resist. This is a method of making a 3d piece of fabric without sewing. We will use wool fibres, soap and water to create the bag. We can decide to embellish our bags with silk fabric or fibres, with spun wool, […]

The Loom Shed Textile Graduates Day 2021

We are delighted to host a day of talks from 6 textile graduates of 2021 on the 19th June. Each graduate will talk about their work, final collections and their next steps, then answer any questions you may have. The driving force behind The Loom Shed is a desire to connect the textile community and […]

The Loom Shed Textile Graduate Day – Isobel Caine and Katie Sims

10am Isobel Caine Textiles: Innovation and Design at Loughborough University Inspired by original photography based on flower petals frozen in ice, her graduate collection; Transience, aims to capture a particular moment in time that is otherwise short lived due to the decomposing nature of these natural materials.. The aim of the photography is to capture […]

The Loom Shed Textile Graduate Day – Megan Leech and Sven Steinmetz

11.30am Megan Leech RCA MA Textiles: Woven Textiles. With an interest in how people exist and interact with the spaces around them, I create work that captures a balance of movement and stillness exploring the beauty of the mundane. This collection focuses on the kitchen as a space of freedom and liberty where order and […]

The Loom Shed Textile Graduate Day – Jane Stephens and Ruth Petersen

1.30pm Jane Stephens BA Hons Textile Design (Weave) at Falmouth University I came to study at Falmouth as a 61-year-old mature student, having done very little creatively throughout my working life. I was introduced to weave in the first year, and my focus quickly developed as an interest initially in double cloth and then into […]

The Loom Shed Online Natural Dye Symposium

We are delighted to announce that we are hosting our first annual Natural Dye Symposium. We are thrilled the line up for the symposium this year is 10am-11am Aviva Leigh - ’STRIPS, STRIPES & SATINS’ - Exploring 18th Century Norwich Textiles 11.30am - 12.30pm Isabella Whitworth - Pursuing Purple : Shellfish, Lichen and Mauve 1.30pm-2.30pm […]

The Loom Shed Natural Dye Symposium – Aviva Leigh

’STRIPS, STRIPES & SATINS’ - Exploring 18th Century Norwich Textiles The talk is based on a project that I worked on, with historian Dr Michael Nix, inspired by the brightly coloured textiles that Norwich was famous for. As a textiles graduate from NUA, (Norwich University of the Arts) specialising in weave and natural dyeing, for […]

The Loom Shed Natural Dye Symposium – Isabella Whitworth

Pursuing Purple : Shellfish, Lichen and Mauve For the last 12 years Isabella Whitworth has been researching the nineteenth century dye trade in lichen, historically used for making a purple dye called orchil. Her findings unexpectedly linked to two other famous dyes: Imperial Purple and Perkin’s Mauve. A richly illustrated presentation will trace the fascinating […]

The Loom Shed Natural Dye Symposium – Luisa Uribe

AN INDIGO JOURNEY This talk will take you through Luisa’s 10 years of dyeing, learning and working with indigo. From her time living and learning about traditional textiles in Japan, through learning local techniques in India to building an indigo garden in the UK. Luisa will talk about dyeing techniques, painting on cloth, growing indigo […]

The Loom Shed Natural Dye Symposium – Susan Dye

Growing and Using your own Dye Garden There is a particular satisfaction and freedom in growing your own dye plants. Even a small growing space can provide a significant amount of dye if you select your plants carefully and nurture them well. Drawing on over 15 years’ experience of dye gardening in Hitchin, Susan and […]

Back-strap Weaving with Angie Parker

On this online back-strap weaving course you will learn how to set up a simple back-strap loom, and explore the potential of weaving with texture and colour under the expert guidance of rug weaver, Angie Parker. Back strap weaving is an ideal introduction to weaving, and because the looms are easy to set up and […]