Knit a Fair Isle Style Hat with Liz Croft

This workshop will run over 2 consecutive Saturdays. 25th September 10am-4pm and 2nd October 10am-12pm. Fair Isle knitting is a traditional stranded knitting technique that originates from the Fair Isle, between Orkney and the Shetland Isles. It is a unique type of fabric that uses the strands of colour work to create a double layer […]

Natural Dyes for Plant Fibres with Jane Deane

We are delighted to be hosting Jane Deane for a second natural dye workshop, this time focusing on dyeing cellulose fibres. Cellulose fibres (from plants, so cotton, linen, hemp, etc.) differ in their structure from protein fibres from animals. Therefore, they need a slightly different approach when dyeing. This applies to synthetic dyes as well as […]

Weaving 3 End Leno with Laura Thomas

Weaving 3 End Leno We are delighted to welcome Laura Thomas to The Loom Shed for this Leno Weaving workshop This is a technical yet experimental workshop which will introduce you to the exciting possibilities of the 3-end leno weave structure. This weave structure allows you to create very open fabrics with minimal warp, that […]

Concept to Cloth with Sharon Kearley

We are delighted that Sharon Kearley will be joining us to help take our design skills to the next level. The course is designed for those with basic weave, knit and crochet knowledge, the aim is to develop existing knowledge and confidence. For those that are more established in their craft will continue to push […]

An Introduction to Jamdani Weaving with Majeda Clarke

An Introduction to Jamdani Weaving This course is a one day introduction to the UNESCO World Heritage technique of Jamdani weaving – a form of supplementary weft or tapestry weaving on a plain weave structure that has been woven for centuries in Dhaka. The original technique was woven on a sheer muslin known to be […]

Back-strap Weaving with Angie Parker

On this online back-strap weaving course you will learn how to set up a simple back-strap loom, and explore the potential of weaving with texture and colour under the expert guidance of rug weaver, Angie Parker. Back strap weaving is an ideal introduction to weaving, and because the looms are easy to set up and […]