Juliet Bailey, Bristol Textile Mill. West Country Weaver Day

“The relevance of hand-woven design in modern textile manufacturing and production” Juliet Bailey is one half of the creative partnership behind Dash and Miller and The Bristol Weaving Mill. Together with Franki Brewer, Juliet launched Dash and Miller in 2009 and then went on to start The Bristol Weaving Mill in 2015. Dash and Miller […]

A Day of West Country Weavers

We are delighted to host a day of talks from 4 well known west country weavers. Juliet Bailey, Fiona Sperryn, Charlotte Martin and  Jilly Edwards Each session will be an hour long and include the opportunity for Q&A's with each weaver. This ticket gives you a day pass to all four talks. Join us for […]

Fiona Sperryn MA RCA – West Country Weavers Day

Fiona hand weaves unique tapestry-style artwork. She enjoys the physical interactions of the creative process, from textural mark-making outdoors to hand finishing the woven cloth in her studio in Cornwall on the edge of Bodmin Moor. She draws inspiration from her environment and a love of weave structure. Combining traditional techniques and digital innovation, she […]

Jilly Edwards Tapestry Weaver – West Country Weaver Day

Jilly will share pictures of her work that have featured in major shows and talk about the main focus of her work. She will talk about her publication “Joy – Yellow is the new Blue” and the work leading up to it. We’ll also get to hear what is in the pipeline for her; her […]

Weavers Coffee Morning

Saturday 8th May. 11am Sign up and join our seasonal, virtual gathering of weavers. Discuss current projects, challenges or inspiration. Gather with a cuppa, a biscuit and something to share and we'll enjoy being together albeit through a computer screen. Louise will offer solutions, suggestions and share handouts, links and notes after each session.  

Fibre from Nettles. A Talk and Demonstration

Did you know you can make yarn and textiles from nettles? Stinging nettles have been used as a fibre plant for textiles for over 3000 years in the UK, to make everything from heavy sailcloth to fine table linen up until the 18th century. The fibre of the local European nettle is naturally silky, luxurious […]