Ria Burns- Dyeing Yarn Naturally

Our first online talk of the academic year will be from Ria Burns. Bristol based knitwear designer,  natural dyer and author will be joining us to talk about her work, her book ‘Dyeing Yarn Naturally’ and her passion for making garments that are sourced as locally as possible. ‘Dyeing Yarn Naturally’ is the debut book […]


The Loom Shed Natural Dye Symposium 2024

This event has become one of the highlights of the year at The Loom Shed. We have been blessed with such inspirational speakers that we usually head straight for the dye pot the day after the talks. This year is no exception. During the day, we have four speakers talking about their work with natural […]

£13.50 – £65.00

Natalie in Stitches – Thinking outside the pattern: What if…?

What if…you saw a knitting pattern you really liked – but wasn’t quite right for you in some way? How would you feel about: Changing the yarn specified? Changing styling details like necklines? Changing colour combinations? Sometimes knitters are hesitant about this, feeling that they should knit up the pattern ‘as the designer intended’.  Or, […]


The Loom Shed Weavers of Northern England

Every year, we focus on the weavers of a particular region and do our best to highlight the diversity that this craft can provide. This year, we focus to weavers of Northern England, and we are delighted that we have a weaver who hand weaves long production lengths; a weaver whose work is a nod […]

£14.00 – £54.00