We’re writing this on Blue Monday, so there can’t be a better time to tell you about all the things that we are currently up to that don’t involve company accounts, website design or painting and decorating. We are both big believers in the power of making to boost your mood, so this is how we are tackling it this January!

block weave rug


Life with a toddler is never dull and neither is running your own business, but balancing both can be a bit frazzling!

Every evening I try to make sure I do something creative, my last project was to knit 24 little stockings and mittens for J’s advent calendar. So I now need a new project for my needles for the New Year. I know professionally I’m a weaver and find designing for a loom a lot easier than for any other form of textiles, however I find knitting and crochet a lot more relaxing, perhaps because I’ve never done it as a job? I’m sure I can’t be alone in thinking that.

My baby sling is still on my loom and has been for 3 years now, but the end is in sight with the back stick creeping up past the back bar. I’m starting to get really excited about weaving samples again; trying a structure that I haven’t woven before and really exploring what I can do with it. My fingers are itching to wind a warp as I type this!

Once the laptop is open and J has had his time randomly typing letters, I’m focussing on finding more tutors for The Loom Shed. Who knows what 2021 holds and I want to make sure we have a good mix of in-person workshops and online talks.



In the midst of homeschooling and creating the online video crochet course, I’m trying to use some of each day to actually plan and or make something – it always does wonders for my mental health to stop and focus on something that I really enjoy.

I’ve started to delve in to my next submission for the Complex Weavers Study group. Each year we have a topic that we look at and make 4 drafts for – two of which must be full woven projects with a write up.

This year the topic is 3d weaving. I’m feeling really lucky that I’ve cut off the triple cloth The Loom Shed Logo as the loom has plenty of warp left for me to sample and play about with.

I’ve also got to get the ends sewn in on the logo and get it hung up for the next time the doors open.

The next weaving project is then an 8-shaft double cloth baby blanket, to create a sister blanket for one I made 2 years ago – It’s a relief to have such detailed notes – It’s exactly the same blanket, just with a different colour range.

Knitting wise, I’ve got a few scarves on the go and a vest to finish the armholes on.

Crochet and it’s the annual race against the clock for the smallest Croft birthday on the 24th – this year the challenge is Woodstock of Peanuts fame, Snoopy was last year.

I will quite clearly never be the person who finishes one project before moving on!