Natalie Warner

by | May 26, 2023

Natalie Warner is a knitwear designer and fashion and textiles lecturer specialising in garment construction and pattern cutting.  Through her writing, she explores how local and personal spaces can be sources of emotional nourishment and wellbeing; how the clothes we wear and spaces we inhabit support and root us.  Support for handknit designers, book reviews, alterations, garment fitting and practical sewing advice are covered on Natalie’s blog, and she’s currently piloting a training course for knitwear designers.  You can keep up with her knitwear designs and more via her newsletter or on Instagram, @natalieinstitches

When not engaged in anything related to clothing, Natalie can usually be found in her beloved garden or traipsing around south London parks with a battered DSLR camera.  She shares this photo diary on her dedicated Instagram account, @_nataliebynature, and writes for Radicle, a Substack publication founded by Sui Searle of @decolonisethegarden.

spindle made from a CD