Skye Pennant

by | Apr 27, 2023

Skye is the founder Slow Stitch Club based in Frome, Somerset and is passionate about making mending accessible for everyone.

After studying fashion design at university, Skye graduated with a very different view of the industry, and wanted to push against it. From that point on she continued to learn and educate herself; about the vast quantities of clothing sent to landfill, the devastating environmental impacts of textiles production as well as the horrifying truths about garment workers and their lack of rights.

The importance of caring for and extending the lives of the clothes that already exist in the world became hugely important to her, and she then set out to help teach others about fixing their clothing through the practice of visible mending.

Skye says “ Mending is a hugely creative and intentionally slow and therapeutic skill, and the community surrounding it is super inspiring. I hope you’ll join us to learn a new skill and be a part of the change to fight against fast fashion whilst taking care of the clothes you love.”

spindle made from a CD