Back in June, we hosted our first textile graduate talk day. We selected a range of graduates to participate, and it was a brilliant day of new ideas and enthusiasm for woven textiles. It is a key part of us being The Loom Shed that we build our community, so it feels really important to have gone back to the gang who took part to discover how life has unfolded since they graduated.

Megan Leech MA RCA

I have mainly spent the last few months applying for jobs but I have managed to fit in a little bit of weaving in amongst the stress…but the good news is that I have got a job, in your neck of the woods at Heathcote Fabrics, starting in November.

I developed my project and wove a large piece that I showed at the RCA textile “happening” (which was our essentially our show). I had started setting up the warp for it when I did the talk with you so it’s quite a good continuation.  I have attached a video and photo’s to try and gives you an idea of it!

I also did some very different weaving which was me experimenting with yarns. I wanted to introduce something really different to my portfolio and had access to a studio for 2 weeks so embraced those 2 weeks!! I stuck with simple structures but were thinking about the yarn order in the weft and it was really fun to not be making it for anything too specific and to just be able to play.

Sven Steinmetz MA RCA

Sven has been working as an assistant designer at a small label called Patricia Padron . He is working on getting back to his loom! These are a few images of him creating a seamless garment for his mum! We’re really looking forward to seeing more over the next year!